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Gang Prevention Book

An informative Power Point presentation covering DUI laws, the responsibilities of parents with regard to underage drinking and “social hosting,” as well as an overview on the deadly dangers of using heroin and other illegal gateway drugs.

 A Parent's Guide: Drunk Driving, Underage Drinking, Dangerous Drugs - English

Gang Prevention Book

“Gangs: Awareness, Prevention, Intervention,” is an educational book that provides details about the tattoos, clothing, graffiti and hand signals that identify the main gangs operating in Will County. More importantly, the book discusses the means by which street gangs recruit members, and it outlines strategies and services aimed at steering at-risk teen-agers away from gang influences.

 Gang Prevention Book - English
 Gang Prevention Book - Spanish

scam prevention

This book outlines many common scams that target senior citizens. It is our hope that the information provided here will give you the tools you need to protect yourself and your finances.

Crimes & Scams Prevention Guide

Bad Check Restitution Poster

Will County businesses are encouraged to seek restitution for bounced checks through the Bad Check Restitution Program. These posters can be displayed prominently by retailers and service providers to let people know that their businesses will aggressively pursue payment for every bounced check.

 Bad Check Restitution Poster


Parent's Guide to the Dangers of Sexting

Sexting describes when teen-agers send sexually explicit pictures of themselves via their cell phones to friends and other people. It is a growing trend that can have disastrous long-term consequences for young people who engage in this dangerous practice. These two instructive fliers inform both parents and teen-agers about the harmful social and legal consequences that can result from sexting.

 Parent's Guide to the Dangers of Sexting
 Teen's Guide to the Dangers of Sexting


ID Theft Victim Information Packet

In response to the potential seriousness of this crime and the confusing array of information given to citizens on “what to do” in the event they are victims of Identity Theft, the State’s Attorney’s Office has put together an Identity Theft Victim Information Packet for victims that contains all the contact numbers, steps and FTC affidavits.

 ID Theft Victim Information Packet - English
 ID Theft Victim Information Packet - Spanish


About the State's Attorney's Office


General information about the functions and services of the Will County State's Attorney's Office.

 About the State's Attorney's Office

Courtroom Etiquette

Helpful tips for proper behavior and what to expect in court.

 Courtroom Etiquette

phone card

Listing of important emergency phone numbers for various Will County departments and resources.

Will County Resource Phone Card

Members of the State's Attorney's Speakers Bureau are available for presentations on important crime prevention topics. This brochure includes some of our most commonly requested presentations.

Speakers Bureau Brochure


U.S. Supreme Court declines to hear Drew Peterson appeal


Will County joins collar counties filing lawsuits against opioid manufacturers



Cache, a 2-year-old black Labrador working in Will County, is the only high-tech police dog in the Chicago area. (WLS)