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November 10, 2010


Victim Impact Statement of Kevin Fox


I spent the last six years anticipating that this day would come. So many thoughts have flowed in and out of my head. Wondering who took my daughter and why? Who would watch the father of a murdered daughter sit in jail serving the time in your place? While I was locked in my cell, I would always wonder what you were doing with your freedom. If you were lying, watching TV, or if you were picking out your next victim. Now that this day is finally here, I realize I don't have too much to say. Because the day you were caught -all of the wondering was over.


From the time you killed Riley a different side of me took over. Since the day you took my 3 year old daughter, raped her, and held her under the water until she couldn't fight for that very last breath, I changed for the worst. I built up a lot of depression, and that depression turned to hate, which affected a lot of people in my life. I couldn't wait to see you face to face. To put a face with the crime and to release all of that hate. To know you will be locked behind a metal door, surrounded by cinder blocks, put my mind at ease. I feel that that hate has lifted, knowing you will hurt no other children.


Throughout these past years, you have made everyone's worst nightmare become a reality. I don't understand how a human being can possibly do what you did to my little girl.


At the age of three I could already tell she was going to be such a great gift to this world and you shattered an innocent girl's hopes and dreams. She was my heart and soul. When you took her from me, you changed my whole look on what life was supposed to be along with thousands of other people -young and old.


I realize now that I will not let you into my thoughts anymore. You have been caught and you will be punished for the crimes that you have committed. This will be the last day that I will look at you, and talk to you. After today you will no longer be a part of my memories of my daughter. You will be erased from the face of the earth. When I think of the amazing three years she lived excluding the morning of June sixth -it will be a relief not knowing those memories will circle around to that horrific morning. After today you will be non-existent to me, my family, my friends, the community and everyone else in the nation who knows of you.


It's finally over. A face to the crime has been recognized. I strongly support the decision to sentence you to life without parole rather than the death penalty. I do not want taxpayer money wasted on you appealing a death penalty decision.


I will never forgive you for what you have put myself, my family, and most importantly, Riley through. I won't let you be in my life anymore than you already have in the past. And most important, your days of raping little girls are over.


I still can't believe that people thought I was the monster in front of me now. Unfortunately, I spent eight months of my life in the Will County Detention Facility in your shoes. I know first hand what kind of life you are going to endure for the rest of your pathetic existence. And that puts a smile on my face. You deserve everything that is handed to you. From name calling, to physical pain, to the thoughts everyday that you are the murderer of a helpless innocent 3 year old child.


I couldn't figure out how to end this or even if I wanted to. I will say this, I do believe in Karma and I believe you will experience a horrible sentence where your new place of living will be.


May God Help us All That you are the last of your Kind.


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