Parenting for Prevention

Parenting seems to get more difficult as our world becomes more global, the Internet, satellite television, real-time and graphic news, as well as “entertainment” have created challenges for parents that have never before existed. Because of these challenges, most parents need help with setting limits, having realistic expectations and having a plan to help our young people become all that they can, physically, mentally and spiritually. Explore our Parenting for Prevention materials to discover helpful parenting methods to help keep your children away from harmful influences.


For more information, contact the Director of Crime Prevention at 815-727-8742.


PART 1: Parenting Styles
PART 2: Communication
PART 3: Lessons from School
PART 4: Discipline
PART 5: Normal Development
PART 6: Substance Use and Abuse
PART 7: Identify the Problem
PART 8: Getting Professional Help



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