Corrie Wallace convicted in 2006 shooting death

October 9

JOLIET – Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow announced that a Joliet man was convicted Wednesday (Oct. 8, 2008) of first-degree murder for gunning down an unarmed man who was sitting in a car two years ago.

Corrie Wallace, 25, of the 300 block of North Chicago Street, Joliet, was found guilty of first-degree murder and aggravated battery with a firearm. Wallace shot and killed Hallie Parrish, who was with friends inside a vehicle in the 800 block of Robin Lane on the afternoon of March 1, 2006.

Wallace faces up to 85 years in prison when he is sentenced by Circuit Judge Daniel Rozak on Dec. 15.

Wallace, who was wearing a black mask over his head at the time of the shooting, ran up to the passenger-side of the vehicle while firing a silver, 45-caliber handgun. He fired at least nine rounds, several of which struck Parrish in the head and chest. Parrish was the driver. A passenger in the vehicle also was struck in the arm but survived the shooting.

“Corrie Wallace is a vicious thug who cut down an unarmed man in broad daylight,” State’s Attorney Glasgow said. “He displayed unparalleled arrogance by returning to the crime scene to brag about his exploits after he ditched his mask and weapon. Our streets will be safer with this cold-blooded killer in prison.”

At least one eyewitness who testified during the seven-day jury trial saw Wallace remove his mask near the scene. Another witness saw the masked gunman run behind a townhouse, and then moments later, saw an unmasked Wallace emerge from inside wearing the same clothes he wore during the shooting. 

Wallace also was linked to the shooting through ballistics. Bullets retrieved at the crime scene matched unused bullets found inside the townhouse, which belonged to Wallace’s girlfriend. The defendant had a key to the townhouse in his possession when he was arrested. The weapon, a 45-caliber handgun, was never recovered.

Police, however, recovered the mask. DNA samples taken from the mask matched Wallace’s DNA. And he had gunshot residue on the backs of his hands.

The state’s attorney credited Joliet Police Chief Fred Hayes and his team of detectives, Dave Jackson, Carlos Matlock and Robert Brown, for their thorough investigation that enabled his prosecutors to secure an important conviction.

Glasgow also praised his prosecutors, Assistant State’s Attorneys Steve Platek and Michael Knick, for their skillful handling of this case. 

“These are two expert trial attorneys whose presentation of the testimony and evidence left jurors absolutely no doubt as to who committed this brutal shooting,” Glasgow said.

Chief Hayes said: “A ruthless cold-blooded killer has been removed from the streets of Joliet. I would like to personally thank Will County States Attorney Jim Glasgow for his outstanding, aggressive prosecution efforts led by Assistants Mike Knick and Steve Platek.”

The chief added: “Joliet Police Detectives Carlos Matlock, Dave Jackson, and Robert Brown worked tirelessly to solve this brutal murder, and I’m proud of their outstanding police work. The state’s attorney’s office did an exceptional job working closely with Joliet Police detectives and spent countless hours to ensure justice was served. Undoubtedly, the streets of Joliet are safer because of this successful prosecution.”

The state’s attorney also applauded his support staff, including legal secretaries Sandy Dempsey, Kathy Kearney, Nikkol McGuire, Janet Skiniotes and Valerie Walsh, all of whom worked extra hours transcribing hundreds of hours of recorded jailhouse conversations that revealed Wallace’s attempts to bribe or coerce witnesses into giving false testimony during the trial.

“This was a team effort on the part of my staff in every sense of the word,” Glasgow said. “They went above and beyond the call of duty to put a dangerous killer behind bars.”