Civil Division

The Civil Division is responsible for the legal business of Will County. The State’s Attorney’s Office serves as the lawyer for Will County, providing legal advice and representation for the county and its officials, both elected and appointed, in civil matters that arise through the course of their official duties.

The Civil Division researches and prepares legal opinions on behalf of county officers who raise questions concerning the drafting of contracts and county policies. The division also monitors new legislation to determine the potential impact on county operations. The division also assists with budget preparation and responds to citizen complaints regarding any unit of county government.

Safeguarding Ordinance Violations

The Civil Division prosecutes violations of the county’s zoning, building, and public health ordinances. Zoning and community development cases may concern unauthorized trash and debris, the operation of unlicensed businesses or uninhabitable housing. Building Department cases involve the construction of improper or unsafe structures or the failure to obtain building permits before beginning construction as well as other construction practices that may affect public safety. Health Department cases deal with health code violations, such as unsanitary conditions at restaurants or malfunctioning septic systems.

Child Support Enforcement

The Civil Division enforces child support orders and helps obtain timely and consistent payments of financial support for custodial parents. The service is free for custodial parents who do not receive any public assistance.

Mental Health Cases

The Civil Division is responsible for petitioning the court for the emergency involuntary commitment of persons who need immediate hospitalization and who pose a serious threat to themselves or others due to a mental illness.