Prevention, Treatment Options & Family Support amongst topics to be addressed at 2014 Hero Helps Community Summit slated for May 17, 2014

April 15

Romeoville – The stage is set for the 2014 Hero Helps Community Summit , Sat., May 17 at the Romeoville Athletic and Events Center. The theme of this year’s event is  collaboration and how to bring unity amongst various groups and initiatives. 

     “We have successfully raised awareness about the heroin epidemic affecting communities across the state of Illinois,” said Paul Lauridsen, co-chairman of the event. “Now we want to continue promoting effective practices which includes collaborations to turn the tide in this epidemic”. 

     Kris Adzia, Robert Crown Center for Health Education, will talk about the heroin prevention initiative that is in its second year of a pilot program in several schools in Will and DuPage counties. She will also discuss opportunities to expand this program to more schools across the state. 

     George DeTella, from the DuPage County Health Department, will speak about the life-saving efforts of the DuPage Narcan program (DNP), which has already resulted in saving two lives from heroin overdose in DuPage County. 

     “The sole goal of the DNP is to save lives and give these people another chance for recovery and life” says DeTella. 

     DeTella will also talk more about the details of the DNP and the collaborative efforts among community leaders that have resulted in this program being successful.

      Other speakers include:  States Attorney James Glasgow who will talk about the success of the Will County Drug Court Program. Dr. Celeste Napier, Rush University Medical Center, who will speak to the role of the brain in heroin and other opioid addiction; Dr. Gawtham Gutta, Clinical Associates and Ron Vlasaty, Family Guidance who will talk about medication assisted treatment and recovery options;  John Roberts, the HERO group, who will share information about family support groups for those who have lost a loved one to heroin or have a family member dealing with addiction; and Robert Snipes, Stepping Stones who will talk about opioid treatment and recovery. 

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