State’s Attorney Glasgow’s statement on death penalty legislation

March 9

JOLIET – In response to Governor Quinn signing legislation that eliminates the death penalty in Illinois, Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow announced today he will move quickly to decertify the two pending death penalty prosecutions in Will County.

State’s Attorney Glasgow said:

“Over the years, the death penalty has served an important role in the prosecution of the most heinous murder cases in Illinois. The legislation approved today, however, effectively bars prosecutors from pursuing the death penalty. This legislation compels me to decertify the two pending capital cases in Will County and aggressively pursue sentences of life in prison upon a conviction in both cases.

“Expeditiously decertifying these death penalty cases will immediately stop the funneling of precious taxpayer dollars into the pockets of defense attorneys and channel the money instead toward services for the families of homicide victims and police training.”

State’s Attorney Glasgow elected to pursue the death penalty in one of these cases on January 19, 2011, while the legislation was awaiting the governor’s signature.

The Will County death penalty cases are:
Christopher Vaughn (07CF1308): Four Counts of First Degree Murder alleging he shot his wife and three children near Channahon on or about June 14, 2007. Richard Conner (09CF1946). Two Counts First Degree Murder alleging he strangled his cellmate at Stateville Correctional Center on or about April 1, 2009.