Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow’s statement regarding the Fox civil jury verdict

December 20

The quoted statement below may be attributed to Will County States Attorney James Glasgow:
I am extremely disappointed with the civil jury verdict in this case and have directed our attorneys to immediately begin work on an appeal. I am highly confident that the county will prevail on its appeal because the jury was not allowed to hear critical evidence bearing on probable cause. We made multiple motions for mistrial during the course of this trial because we were not allowed to present evidence that had direct bearing on the decision by our detectives to eventually arrest Mr. Fox.
We continue to stand behind and support our detectives and the manner in which they conducted themselves throughout this investigation. It has always been our contention that the sheriffs deputies acted properly during the interview of Kevin Fox and that they had probable cause to arrest him.
General Information: 

  • The appellate process can take up to three years. 
  • All of the compensatory damages will by covered by the countys insurance carrier. 
  • The county will ask for the punitive damages to be reduced or eliminated or that the bond that individual defendants post will be waived during the appellate process.