State’s Attorney Glasgow Announces Arties Titus Sentenced to 24 Years for 2016 Home Invasion

August 5, 2020

JOLIET, IL – Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow has announced that Arties Titus, 53, of Joliet was sentenced to 24 years in prison by Circuit Judge David Carlson on two counts of Home Invasion, a Class X felony, for entering his former girlfriend’s home through a window in 2016 while yielding a knife and slashing the woman and her boyfriend.

Titus had entered the victim’s home by cutting a screen in the front of her residence. Knowing she was in the basement, he went to the downstairs bedroom holding two kitchen knives and told the woman and her boyfriend victim they “were going to die.” He then began slashing at the couple and a struggle ensued during which both victims were slashed and the boyfriend was bitten. The boyfriend eventually wrestled the knives away from Titus, who then fled the scene. He was arrested shortly after, and while being placed in handcuffs yelled out to the victims, “just remember, when I get out, I’m killing you both.”

At the time of the arrest, Titus had been out of prison for less than three months after serving time for another domestic violence attack involving a separate victim.

“Titus displayed the epitome of rank cowardice, using unbridled violence to prey upon and control his unarmed victims,” Glasgow said. “Everyone has the absolute right to feel safe in their own home. This malevolent predator viciously and without provocation violated the sanctity of a woman’s home, initially taunting his victims that they were going to die, ruthlessly slashing them, stopping only when he was disarmed, and then reprising his threat to kill even when he was in custody. His deplorable actions are clear evidence of a malignant heart that justifies the sentence he so richly deserves.”

The 24-year sentence followed a bench trial that concluded on October 10, 2019. Titus will receive 1,466 days of credit for time served.

Glasgow praised Assistant State’s Attorneys John Rickmon and Tom Slazyk, as well as Victim Witness Services Director Nichole Pasteris, for their dedication and hard work throughout the course of the case.

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