Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow To Appear On Special ABC 20/20 Episode Tonight Featuring Riley Fox Murder Case

May 7, 2021

JOLIET – Will County Attorney State’s Attorney James Glasgow will appear in a special two-hour episode of ABC 20/20 airing tonight on the Riley Fox murder case. Riley had been found dead in a creek on June 6, 2004, a few miles from her home in Wilmington, Illinois. She had been sexually assaulted, bound and gagged.

Riley’s father Kevin Fox had been charged by a prior state’s attorney in October 2004 with the murder of his daughter. Within a day of filing those charges, the prior state’s attorney also announced his decision to seek the death penalty against Kevin Fox. After taking office in December 2004, Glasgow reviewed the case he had inherited and ordered the testing of DNA evidence retrieved from the young victim. Glasgow dismissed the charges against Kevin Fox on June 17, 2005, less than a day after learning that the DNA evidence excluded him as a donor.

State’s Attorney Glasgow later formally asked the FBI to join the investigation into Riley Fox’s murder. In the trailer to the episode airing this evening, Glasgow states, “In 2009, I just got to the point where I said, we’ve just got to do something drastic here, so I asked the FBI if they would get involved.” The FBI brought unprecedented resources and expertise to a long-standing investigation.

On May 27, 2010, Glasgow filed first-degree murder charges against Scott Wayne Eby. At the time, Eby was serving a 14-year prison sentence in the Lawrence Correctional Center for an unrelated criminal sexual assault that occurred in July 2005 in Will County.

In a release issued by the Will County State’s Attorney’s Office the date the charges were filed against Eby, Glasgow stated: “The FBI greatly expanded the investigative resources of local law enforcement by bringing a large team of highly trained agents and a fresh perspective to this horrific case. Through methodical and dogged police work, this team of agents developed and followed up on dozens of additional sources and leads that eventually led to Scott Wayne Eby and the charges we have filed today.”

Eby confessed and was later convicted of Riley Fox’s murder.

The two-hour special episode airs tonight, May 7, 2021, at 8-10pm central on ABC.