State’s Attorney Glasgow Announces Jury Finds Convicted Felon Jasper Johnson Guilty of First Degree Murder in Fatal Shooting of Girlfriend

JOLIET – Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow announces that a jury has found Jasper Johnson, 35, guilty of First Degree Murder (a Class M Felony) in the fatal shooting of his girlfriend Kia Johnson in their Joliet apartment on June 5, 2017. The jury also found Johnson guilty on two counts of Unlawful Use of a Weapon by Felon (a Class 3 Felony). Members of the jury deliberated for about three hours after this morning’s closing arguments before reaching the verdict. 

The shooting occurred when Johnson, who claimed he was intoxicated, was playing with his revolver which was partially loaded. Despite having been told by the victim not to play with the gun, he manipulated the gun he knew to be loaded by spinning the cylinder, cocking the hammer, and pulling the trigger.  He fired the gun, striking the victim in the left side of the head. The victim subsequently died in the hospital as a result of the shooting.

“30-year-old Kia Johnson lost her life in a senseless shooting by a convicted felon,” Glasgow said. “When you pull the trigger of a gun pointed in someone’s direction, it’s not playing; it’s murder. I thank the jury for taking its job seriously, listening to the evidence, and convicting this murderer.”

Johnson will be sentenced to a minimum of 45 years. The next court date is February 3, 2022, for motions and scheduling of the sentencing date before Circuit Judge Sarah Jones, who presided over the trial. 

Glasgow commended Assistant State’s Attorneys Deborah Mills, Britt Florin, and Marie Griffin, Nichole Pasteris, Director of Victim Witness Services, and Gus Martinucci who provided technical support, for their commitment, long hours, and dedicated work in helping achieve justice on behalf of the victim in this case.