Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow Announces Charles Galloway Sentenced to Eight Years for Aggravated Domestic Battery

December 22, 2022 JOLIET – State’s Attorney James Glasgow announces that Charles Galloway, 45, of Joliet, was sentenced Wednesday by Associate Circuit Judge Derek Ewanic to eight years in prison for Aggravated Domestic Battery (a Class 2 Felony), and Domestic Battery (a Class A Misdemeanor). Galloway pled guilty to the offenses on June 27, 2022.

The savage attack took place November 7, 2019. In the days leading up to it, Galloway and the victim – who were in a dating relationship and living at a motel in Joliet – had been arguing and Galloway refused to allow the victim to leave.  On November 7, Galloway accused the victim of infidelity, grabbing her phone and proceeding to look through it. He began calling several of her friends and questioning them about victim. An argument ensued, and Galloway struck the victim across the front and left side of her face with so much force he knocked her to the ground and cut her lip, causing it to bleed. He then threw her phone against the wall, breaking it to pieces.

At some point after this, Galloway went into the bathroom and the victim fled from the motel room to the manager’s office, which was closed. As she frantically pounded on the door and screamed for help, Galloway caught up with her, dragging her back towards their room. Although the victim struggled to fight back, Galloway pushed her to the ground in the parking lot and then began striking her repeatedly in the face.

Upon hearing the victim’s screams, the manager looked out his window and saw Galloway holding the victim by her head as he punched her about the face repeatedly. The manager called 911 and described the ferocity of the attack, urging the dispatcher to send the police immediately and saying, “he’s going to kill her.” The manager then called out to Galloway that he had called the police. Galloway took off his belt and began to charge toward the manager. At that point, officers with the Joliet Police Department arrived on scene and placed Galloway under arrest. The victim suffered multiple facial fractures. Galloway called the victim from the jail multiple times in the days following his arrest trying to intimidate her into not participating in the prosecution of this case.

“This case shows the brutality and continuing fear faced by victims of domestic abuse and violence. Victims become captives of their abusers who use emotional and physical cruelty to control them,” Glasgow said. “These cases are the most difficult to prosecute because the victims are living under constant emotional, financial, and physical threat and intimidation by their abusers while their cases are pending. We must use every tool available to prosecute abusers and protect the victims during and after the prosecution of the case.”

To address the unique nature of these cases, Glasgow spearheaded the federal grant establishing Will County’s specialized Domestic Violence Court which mandates abuser counseling to break the destructive cycle of violence. Glasgow also established a specialized Domestic Violence Prosecution Unit in his Office, assisted by an experienced and compassionate team of victim advocates. He also created Will County’s first comprehensive Domestic Violence Protocol to be used by officers who investigate these difficult crimes.

The sentencing range for the felony count of Aggravated Domestic Battery in this case was 3-14 years, as Galloway was on mandatory supervised release from prison for a Burglary conviction in DuPage County at the time he committed the offenses here. Galloway will receive 189 days credit for days he has served in custody and will also serve a mandatory supervised release period of four years following his time in prison.

Glasgow commended Assistant State’s Attorneys Alexandra Molesky and Ashley Kwasneski, State’s Attorney Investigator Mike Reilly, Victim Witness Advocates Mallory Magee and Katrice Sawyer, and Technical Specialist Al Bailey for their dedication to justice. He also thanked Joliet Police Department Officers Bill Otis and Ryan Myers, and Will County Sheriff Department Sergeant Sean Audy, for their hard work and valuable assistance in this matter.

Sadly, instances of domestic abuse often increase during the holiday season. If you are a victim of domestic violence and need help, please contact Guardian Angel Community Services Groundwork Domestic Violence Program through their 24-hour hotline:  815-729-1228 (English) and 815-729-0930 ext. 1439(Spanish). Their website is https://www.gacsprograms.org/groundwork/.