Glasgow Announces Victim Witness Advocate Emma Rannells Receives Service Award from Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists

December 12, 2023

JOLIET—State’s Attorney James Glasgow is pleased to announce that Victim Witness Advocate Emma Rannells has received the Diane Mains Award from the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists (AAIM) for her dedication in assisting impaired driving crash victims and their families.

“In addition to prosecuting impaired driving cases, my Office provides victims much-needed support throughout the criminal justice process,” Glasgow said. “Emma Rannells deserves this significant honor in recognition of her dedicated service and commitment to victims of impaired driving and their families. Crime victims need support and advocacy throughout the criminal justice process, and this is no different for victims harmed by impaired drivers—who often suffer both emotional and physical injury.”

Rannells was one of a select number of victim advocates, prosecutors, police officers, and AAIM supporters from throughout Illinois to be recognized for their contributions in the fight against drunken driving.

“It is a great honor to have been selected by AAIM for this meaningful award,” Rannells said. “The members of our victim advocate team work each and every day to provide the support and encouragement needed by the many victims we serve, and to walk with them as they go through some of the most traumatic experiences in their lives. We strive to provide victims the tools they need to recover.”

The mission of AAIM is to prevent deaths and injuries caused by chemically impaired or distracted operators of any motor vehicle or watercraft and to assist victims of these crashes in Illinois. AAIM is Illinois’ only not-for-profit victim advocacy organization that works closely with victims of impaired and reckless driving. The award received by Rannells was named in honor of AAIM Victim Advocate Diane Mains who passed away in 2006. Mains’ daughter, Caitlyn, was killed by a drunk driver a week before her high school graduation in 2003.

Victim Witness Advocates in the Will County State’s Attorney’s Office are available to assess needs, provide resources and referrals, inform crime victims of their rights, provide notice of case status, explain court process and proceedings, and coordinate support services throughout the criminal justice process. Advocates also accompany victims to court to explain proceedings, offer support, act as a liaison to the prosecutor, and ensure safety precautions are considered and implemented when needed.