Joliet man faces 40 years following conviction for sexual assault

April 20

JOLIET – Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow announced today that a Joliet man faces a minimum 40-year prison sentence following his conviction this week on charges he sexually assaulted a 15-year-old female family member repeatedly throughout 2003.

Joe E. Duncan, 39, of 2309 Holly Ridge Drive, Joliet, was convicted on 11 counts of criminal sexual assault following a one-week trial. A jury deliberated for four hours before handing in guilty verdicts on all counts.

The victim testified during the trial that Duncan regularly sexually assaulted her while her mother worked the night shift at a local telecommunications company. Her siblings also took the stand and supported her testimony.

The victim also testified that Duncan sexually assaulted her in a pool suite at The Sybaris in Frankfort in 2003. Prosecutors entered into evidence records from the spa indicating Duncan visited there during the period in question.

Joliet police arrested Duncan on Sept. 24, 2003, after he was accused of beating the victim. The girl disclosed the sexual assaults to her mother, who reported them to the police.

The Children’s Advocacy Center, which Glasgow established in 1995, assisted in the investigation and conducted early interviews with the victim to prepare the criminal case against Duncan. Since it was formed, the center has been responsible for a dramatic increase in convictions of dangerous child sex offenders.
Assistant State’s Attorneys Mary Fillipitch and Matt Guzman prosecuted the case against Duncan.

“Cases in which minors are the victims of sexual assault require the highest level of sensitivity and are often the most difficult to prosecute,” Glasgow said. “These attorneys did a masterful job securing the conviction of a true menace to our children.”

Will County Circuit Judge Carla Alessio Goode is scheduled to sentence Duncan on June 27.