State’s Attorney Glasgow uses drug forfeiture funding to buy K-9 Unit for Channahon Police to take heroin, other illegal narcotics off streets

November 15

JOLIET – Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow has purchased a highly trained drug-detection dog that will be deployed in the Channahon Police Department’s first ever K-9 Unit.

Hutch, whose handler will be Channahon Officer Dustin Carlson, was formally introduced to the village officials and citizens by Mayor Missey Moorman Schumacher at a recent Channahon Village Board meeting.

State’s Attorney Glasgow used $14,840 in drug forfeiture funding controlled by his office to purchase and train Hutch, a German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix, for the Channahon Police Department. The funding is seized from criminals who were involved in selling illegal narcotics. The State’s Attorney deploys a legal team to aggressively pursue the forfeiture of funds from dealers so his office can redirect this money toward law enforcement initiatives that remove drugs from the community.

“As we are all aware, the sale of illegal narcotics has taken a deadly turn in recent years with the rise in popularity of heroin across our nation. This year we are on course to reach 70 heroin overdose deaths in Will County, which is a tragic milestone,” said State’s Attorney Glasgow. “The addition of a K-9 unit with a dog trained to detect the presence of illegal narcotics will enable the Channahon Police Department to identify dealers and take this deadly drug off our streets. I know this will save lives.”

Mayor Missey Moorman Schumacher and State’s Attorney Glasgow.

Hutch also will serve as a liaison between the Channahon Police Department and local citizens at various community celebrations and functions. The dog is highly socialized and enjoyed attention from children.

State’s Attorney Glasgow offered to purchase the K-9 Unit after hearing of the Channahon Police Department’s need from County Board Members Regan Freitag and Don Gould. He currently is working with police officials and community leaders in Wilmington to purchase a K-9 for the Wilmington Police Department also.

During the recent Village Board meeting, Mayor Schumacher presented the State’s Attorney with a certificate of appreciation for purchasing the dog. In a light-hearted ceremony, the mayor also swore in Hutch and took his paw print for village files.

“Our Nation is in the grips of what is becoming an uncontrollable heroin epidemic that is savagely claiming the lives of people from all walks of life,” the State’s Attorney said. “No one is immune to this deadly crisis. As elected officials we all feel the call to action.”

The Will County State’s Attorney’s Office has pursued an aggressive agenda that involves targeting heroin dealers and expanding overdose investigations to forcefully pursue drug-induced homicide arrests. The State’s Attorney also has worked with the HERO and H.E.L.P.S. organizations to present forums throughout the county to educate citizens about the dangers of this extremely addictive and illegal narcotic.