Will County Drug Court to graduate five who beat their addictions

March 22

JOLIET – Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow announced that Will County Drug Court will graduate five people who have successfully completed the program and are now living drug-free lives.

A graduation ceremony is scheduled for 1 p.m. Thursday, March 24 at the Will County Office Building, 302 N. Chicago Street. The public is invited to attend. Graduates from Joliet and Mokena will join more than 250 others who graduated from Drug Court since its inception in 1999.

In Drug Court, prosecutors and defense attorneys work with the judge and treatment providers to help abusers who have committed non-violent offenses battle their addictions. Those allowed into the program are carefully screened and must remain drug free, submit to random drug tests, find employment, follow through with treatment and attend weekly Drug Court sessions. 

Graduation is the final step in this intensive year-long process. Circuit Judge Carla Alessio Policandriotes, who presides over Drug Court, will introduce graduates and discuss how the program helped them clean up their lives.

“Drug Court requires a tremendous commitment from these defendants,” said State’s Attorney Glasgow, who spearheaded the creation of the program. “Failure to complete the program means a felony conviction and a possible prison sentence. Success means leading drug-free lives and rejoining their communities without those charges hanging over their heads.”

The State’s Attorney noted that programs like Drug Court are a value for local taxpayers. For each dollar spent on a prevention program like Drug Court, the state saves ten times the money compared to the costs of prosecuting and incarcerating non-violent defendants.

For more information on Drug Court, go to https://willcountysao.com/ and click on Crime Prevention.