Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow is grateful for the selfless dedication and sacrifices made by our local veterans in the defense of our country and our freedoms.

In 2008, the State’s Attorney’s Office purchased an ADA-accessible shuttle bus for use by the Veterans Assistance Commission of Will County. The air-conditioned, 20-seat bus transports local veterans from Joliet to Hines VA Hospital where they receive necessary medical services.

The original bus was in need of repair and had become too small to meet the needs of our local veterans. State’s Attorney Glasgow recognized the crucial need for improved transportation and looked for a resourceful way to secure the funding to buy a new vehicle for our veterans.  The state’s attorney secured funding for the new bus by using money forfeited to the state by criminals.  This new bus enables the VAC to provide 6,000 veterans with free rides to Hines VA Hospital.

“We can never repay our local veterans whose selfless dedication and sacrifice were critical to the defense of our country and our freedom,” State’s Attorney Glasgow said during a 2008 dedication ceremony for the new bus. “We as a society must do everything in our power to ensure that their needs are met. They deserve access to health care in a way that respects their dignity and demonstrates our deep gratitude for their loyalty and courage. I am honored that I have been given the opportunity to play a role in securing their transportation to and from Hines Hospital for these medical services.”


The Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs is committed to serving and assisting Illinois veterans. We have compiled a list of resources available to those seeking mortgage assistance, as well as resources to assist those experiencing difficulty with mortgage payments.


Welcome Home Heroes (312) 836-5200


– A comprehensive homebuyer package for Illinois’ veterans and military families.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs 1 (888) 768-2132


Apply for a home loan guaranty certificate to be used at a lending institution when securing financing.


Illinois Hardest Hit Program 1 (855) 873-7405


Offers temporary payment assistance to households that are struggling with income loss due to unemployment or underemployment.

Illinois Foreclosure Prevention Network 1 (855) 533-7411


Includes housing counseling agencies and other organizations that are helping thousands of Illinoisians keep their homes.

VA St. Paul Regional Loan Center 1 (800)-827-0611


Foreclosure assistance with both VA and non-VA loans